At Acton Montessori,
we follow a diverse curriculum


Practical Life

Every morning upon entering our classroom each child is greeted by a teacher with a handshake and warm smile.  Social graces and courtesies become second nature for our students because they are practiced and modeled throughout the day. Other important life skills that are ordinarily found within the adult environment offer exciting challenges to our children. On any given day the children can be found sweeping, watering plants and even window washing. Prepared activities such as water pouring in glass vessels, table setting, and sewing require a high level of concentration and are enjoyed by all. 

The aroma of nutmeg and cinnamon fill our classroom as children use their fine motor skills to grate spices. Dressing skills are practiced daily as the children learn to put on shoes and jackets. The self-esteem and independence developed through Practical Life activities along with Grace and Courtesy are the foundation of our classroom community.


Our students learn about quantity, numerical values and the decimal system through the use of concrete mathematical materials designed by Maria Montessori. Working with the Spindle Boxes, Bead Chains and the Red and Blue Rods children learn about abstract ideas and problem solving in mathematics.

Our students enjoy playing math games to reinforce new concepts. The teachers at Acton Montessori enjoy helping students build a strong foundation in math through developmentally appropriate activities and respect the fact that each child will progress in his or her own way.

Sensorial Activities

Through the use of Montessori Sensorial Materials, our students are able to determine differences in color, texture, size, weight, shape and smell.  Their senses are refined and cognitive skills such as association and comparing are developed. The students are introduced to these materials through daily lessons.

Children work independently or with friends as they develop their observation skills and enhance their vocabulary. Children are able to combine lessons and materials as they move forward in their development. As our students discover new concepts through the use of the materials, they are able to more clearly understand and observe the world around them.



Working with specially designed Montessori maps and globes children learn to identify the continents.  Each continent comes to life as our students learn about the countries, flags, animals, people and foods native to the area.  Learning about land and water forms becomes an exciting hands-on activity for our students as they create islands and lakes. 

The children develop an appreciation of different cultures when guest speakers share their experiences in different areas of the world. Through daily lessons and hands on activities our student's curiosity about the world is stimulated.

Botany + Zoology

Our Students take pride in caring for and learning about our classroom plants and animals.  Daily lessons with Montessori materials designed to teach plant and animal classifications reinforce our observations and discussions.  Planting seeds allows children to study the root system and measure and record plant growth.

Throughout the year our students learn about wild animals from all over the world and their natural habitats. To coincide with our study of animals, a wildlife educator visits our classroom with a live animal exhibit each year. 

In the Spring, our classroom butterfly garden brings excitement and wonder to the children as they watch caterpillars transform into butterflies. Our students feed and nurture these little creatures while journaling their observations. When the caterpillars have completed their metamorphoses, our students release the butterflies into their natural environment. Spring also brings the culmination of our school year.

Like the butterflies, our children leave their cozy cocoon to go out and explore their world with a new level of knowledge, independence and curiosity!